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You may think your husband is strange, when he proposed, is that going to be beaten by another man, but he ! You may think it strange when it is suggested that you have a good time with another couple...... and some years ago xxxbunker I thought so. There I was with a very simple enterprising man married for 13 years with two daughters, when I suddenly found myself divorced After a couple of small romances my new husband Dave came into my life and after only a few months clear that for a woman who satisfy their fantasies. These include his wife shared with others and see what happens, and the woman with bi tendencies. thinks I was looking through me dump shocking, he played his own game and said ' good' ( the truth I've always liked the woman's body ). We married soon, and even on xxxbunker our honeymoon, she told me how happy I served with another man, as he thrust into me. To be honest I was a little tired, and backwas a few months of marriage, I asked if it was true or speak all. showed me this site and I started with the stories, which always was and always at least the common illusion of another man take your wife / girlfriend / lover of reading. was then that I realized that it was so strange, and I xxxbunker began to think it was not such a bad idea. In fact, he began reading the stories together, and I masturbated while imagining that we were. This certainly made ​​things easier for me, and I decided I wanted to see a former boyfriend, if he is willing to call my husband was able to fulfill the fantasy. Unfortunately this would not be the case, as the friend of interest, which was well fuck me, now a child of her own marriage. I realized after this that I was disappointed xxxbunker with despair, and of course, was when I realized I wanted to be a lover as much as my husband more. to attract a suitable candidate to be sure that where I could wear revealing clothes,sure he was tanned, made sure I was immaculate in appearance and work, I unbuttoned her blouse just firm xxxbunker enough to show some cleavage. I have also xxxbunker practiced and practiced my lines and flirting technique in my head. The result was that now I have a feeling fabulous enjoyed another man in my when my husband looked good, I xxxbunker liked the feeling unpresidented with two men, I at the same time, and if I had my way, soon I will have the experience of a woman who has shown interest in me recently, and with whom I am going soon for a night. What is the saying, not men fun with this fantasy, they are completely normal, if you take the plunge then for the love of the gods go girls are at risk ! We have a happy marriage with a brilliant sex life, I think we are, perhaps, have changes in the coming years, as all the old stereotypes are gone over me since childhood, forced now. In the meantime, I have the pleasure of being an ordinary woman, and let me tell you that withYou have doubts, I would. My last words are for you....... do not let life pass by without this experience...... It's great !
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